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Crimsafe Hinged & Sliding Doors

Crimsafe security screen doors come in a wide range of styles to suit any home décor.

Crimsafe screen doors are custom-made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit even if your door opening is not completely square.

For extra-wide openings, Crimsafe can provide double or triple sliding screen doors, or bi-fold or stacking doors for a different, stylish look.

Regardless of the style or size of the door, Crimsafe’s industry-leading technology is engineered for super-strong security.

Whether you live in a house, townhouse or apartment, Crimsafe security screen doors look great, keep your home secure and provide a whole range of other lifestyle benefits.

Crimsafe Classic

Crimsafe Classic

Protect your family and your property with Crimsafe Classic, the new benchmark in security screens offering the renowned strength of Crimsafe, with smoother, cleaner lines.

Reinforced with the proven strength of carbon fibre, the exclusive CF6 Screw-Clamp™ bites down on the stainless steel mesh on impact with a vice-like grip.  This is why Crimsafe Classic can withstand an impact that is five times stronger than the level required by the Australian Standard.

With Crimsafe Classic, there’s no need to compromise on looks to achieve high-performance security. This newly-engineered frame, with no visible screws, fits seamlessly into any home or lifestyle, enhancing the look of your doors and windows. Your choice of quality, powder-coated colours or timber-look frames, completes the high-quality finish that sets Crimsafe apart

Crimsafe Regular

Crimsafe Regular

Quite often, the main entry points to your home are big hinged doors that look solid to most people. But to a professional burglar, they can look like an easy way in.

Crimsafe Hinged Security Screen Doors really do bolster your defences. Rigorous testing proves that our hinged security doors exceed industry standards and outperform competitors.

On one upright door jamb, the Crimsafe door is attached by three secure hinges. On the opposite door jamb there’s a three-point locking mechanism.  So you’ve got an incredibly strong barrier between you and any uninvited guest knocking on your door.


French doors are sometimes targeted by burglars because they see them as an easy break-in point. That’s why Crimsafe developed double French door security screens. One screen is bolted top and bottom for rigid strength. The other screen locks to it with a three-point mechanism that triples the headaches for burglars. Anyone thinking about a quick and quiet break-in, can think again.

Best of all, the need for security won’t compromise the style of your home.  Crimsafe’s design mirrors the form and function of your current doors to create a stylish visual balance.



Do you like the idea of opening your home up and letting the fun flow out into the yard? Well, Crimsafe Sliding Security Screen Doors let you do just that.

Most modern homes will be fitted with at least one sliding door be it for a patio, bedroom, balcony or laundry. Theses doors will most commonly be supplied with a non locking screen and in many cases a door lock that cannot be secured and accessed externally which means no chance of benefiting from nigh time breezes while sleeping safely.

Our multi-panel sliding door design can secure the widest of indoor/outdoor spaces. You’ll enjoy natural airflow when they’re closed. And when you want to remove the line between indoor and outdoor living, the panels just slide open easily.

A Crimsafe Sliding Door may be the best solution for your home, especially when coupled with a Crimsafe Entrance Door for cross ventilation.


Add Security to your home without compromising on the aesthetics with a Crimsafe Door.

As the first point in your home for residents and guests it important to make a good impression while feeling safe, with a Crimsafe Entry Door you can rest assures that when answering the door to an unexpected knock that there is a solid barrier between you and the unannounced visitor that will enable a conversation with the security of triple locking should you need to close the timber door quickly.

We have all seen the movies where a door chain can be easily dislodged with a swift kick from an intruder, with Crimsafe this can't happen thanks to unparalleled industry leading technology in strength and durability.

Security aside a Crimsafe Door makes a great addition to your home for increased air-flow without the expense of running A/C units 24/7 which is great for the pocket and the environment.