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Paradox Alarm Systems are manufactured in Canada to the highest standards, guaranteeing a reliable product with extensive capabilities for protection of small to medium size locations including homes and businesses.

Paradox have a long history in providing security products to the Northern and Southern hemispheres with a strong industry standing in the USA, forging a reputation for reliability and performance in harsh environments where other products have failed.

The favored Paradox model for installers and customers alike is the MG5050, a hybrid panel that allows for connection of up to 32 zones spread across both hardwired and wireless devices to allow custom installation in any location.

Paradox systems operate on a propriety band of 433Mhz which resists interference from common devices like home wi-fi and automatic gate/door openers. With 2-way communications on wireless devices the command panel knows at all times if a device loses communication with real time analysis of any potential interference or low battery.

Low power consumption from the wireless devices will see the installed batteries only requiring replacement ever 2-3 years with common sizes for ease of change.

Paradox systems are ideal for the replacement of older pre existing alarm systems that can no longer be repaired with easy integration of most make and models of peripherals such as sirens, PIR's and more at a market friendly price.

IP modules are available for the Paradox range providing communications over fixed line internet with the Paradox Application for Self-Monitoring and Control of all the alarm system functions or simple programming enables Back-to-Base Monitoring for locations that require 24/7 protection.

Paradox - Stylish - Affordable - Elegant

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Protection anytime, anywhere is now possible with the HIK Axiom Alarm System that has been designed to operate in locations where phone lines are not available for communications such as boats, caravans, shacks, workshops and a thousand other places.

Utilising long range (up to 800m) wireless technology the Axiom system can be deployed across sites with separated structures that require protection, only requiring one control panel for everything.

Available wireless devices include keypads, internal/external sirens, panic buttons, smoke detectors, PIR's, door switches and remotes. Making the system completely customisable for installation in any location with inbuilt battery backup requiring only minimal power it could be sustained by a small solar panel.

The biggest struggle for many is knowing when the alarm system has been tripped without relying on a monitoring company.

A problem solved with the Axiom alarm having multipath communication including connection to wi-fi, ethernet and 4G SIM to the FREE HIK-Connect app that will alert the user when the alarm is triggered and allow for remote arm/disarm direct from the app on Apple & Android platforms.

Travelling with valuables and worry when you leave the hotel/caravan?

The Axioms' portable nature takes less than 5 minutes to set up and will provide worry free peace of mind for your property anytime, anywhere.