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Electronic Security Systems have never been more advanced or affordable than they are now. 

Alarm systems provide round the clock protection for your property even when you are away from the home or business, but with ever evolving technology it can sometimes become very confusing to choose the right product that best suits your needs.

At SSTG we are specialists in providing the right advice first time through a design and consultation service ensuring the best individual result as no two customers are the same. SSTG Partners with the worlds leading manufactures of  security products and can provide all the required parts and qualified installation service to take the guess work out of security.

Have you been thinking about buying a system from an online store based on cheaper prices or specials? Not always a bad choice, but there are a few things to consider.

Who will install the products for you?

Is it really as simple as download an app and away you go?

How do you get support or warranty from an overseas online supplier?

How compatible is the product with your property and lifestyle?

We can answer all these questions and more, from our team of industry experts with experience spanning more than 3 decades, you can rely on SSTG for local service and advice when you need it most.

World Leading Partners


Wired Security Systems have been around since 1853 and the same basic principals are still used today.

Most homes and businesses that have had alarm systems installed in the past 30 years will have wired devices including motion sensors, siren and keypads, these original systems were well made and reliable providing protection throughout the decades.

However all things wear out and require replacement at some point, at SSTG we pride ourselves on only working with tested and reliable brands from market leading manufacturers of security hardware for replacement and upgrade options to bring existing systems up to date for protection now and in to the future.

The newest technology provides for a multitude of traditional hardware options such as motion sensors and door switch with the addition of smoke alarms, duress buttons, glass break sensors, Pet friendly sensors and remote control & smart app options.

Speak with SSTG about a free inspection and quote for your home to customise options to install or upgrade your protection as affordable prices from our experienced and fully licenced team.

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Protection anytime, anywhere is now possible with the HIK AX Pro Alarm System that has been designed to operate in locations where phone lines are not available for communications such as boats, caravans, shacks, workshops and a thousand other places.

Utilising long range (up to 800m) wireless technology the system can be deployed across sites with separated structures that require protection, only requiring one control panel for everything.

Available wireless devices include keypads, internal/external sirens, panic buttons, smoke detectors, PIR's, door switches and remotes. Making the system completely customisable for installation in any location with inbuilt battery backup requiring only minimal power it could be sustained by a small solar panel.

The biggest struggle for many is knowing when the alarm system has been triggered without relying on a monitoring company.

A problem solved with the AX Pro, with connection options for to wi-fi, ethernet and 4G SIM. Direct notifications to the FREE HIK-Connect app that will alert the user when the alarm is triggered and allow for remote arm/disarm direct from the app on Apple & Android platforms.

Travelling with valuables and worry when you leave the hotel/caravan?

The Axioms' portable nature takes less than 5 minutes to set up and will provide worry free, peace of mind for your property anytime, anywhere.

Alarm Starter Kits 

Start protecting your property today with a Smart Wireless Alarm Kit from SSTG from only $979.00 fully installed and programmed to your smart phone or tablet.

The HIK Vision Ax Pro is a great start point for existing homes, apartments, small offices and more. 

A system that can grow and expand as your needs do, with full remote management and monitoring from the smart application you can rest assured of round the clock protection for your most valued possessions.

Contact SSTG today for a Fast & Free quote from one of our experienced and qualified team members.

Remember if you Need Security, You Need SSTG!

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