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Regardless of the size or location of your premises if you want to control access to the site, monitor staff and guest movements or simply avoid having 100's of keys floating around that can be lost easily then Access Control may be the answer for you.

Everyday more business are working smarter not harder by deploying managed solutions within their business and entry/egress is no exception. At SSTG we use only the latest, cutting edge technologies in Identity Management with the favored system being from Protégé a NZ based company with a Global reputation.

Protégé have for many years been the quiet achiever when it comes to electronic security products, milling away in the background with research and development focused on building a strong, reliable product to meet consumer demand at a price that everyone can afford for 1 or 500 access points.

Having founds its way in to high end installations for government clients with the Protégé GX line, a light commercial product emerged in the WX offering, with onboard smarts for all devices and 2 door control on the stylish DIN rail mounted controller WX is the ideal entry level system for any small to medium size installation at affordable prices.

An added bonus of the WX platform is the ability to utilise the ICT Mobile platform credential on mobile device management (replaces plastic cards) and self-monitoring from the same platform for all events and alarms on smart devices.

Never replace another lost key again, easy programming of credentials from the web interface in the event someone loses a tag quickly remove the lost item and a replacement one issued on the spot with minimal effort and expense